Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Ornamental plant beds showcase your property like no other landscaping element. Weeds can quickly overtake your beds, suffocating your plants and leaving your plants looking wilted and neglected. Worse yet, weeding your flower and shrub beds is hard work. You can spend countless hours on your hands and knees, digging out the unwanted growth that is wreaking havoc on your decorative blooms and plants.We know that when it comes to weeds, timing is everything. We utilize pre-emergent herbicides in the fall and spring to eliminate dormant weeds taking root during the growing season.

Once summer arrives, we change our approach, focusing on visible weeds. We carefully apply post-emergent products to eliminate unwanted vegetation without harming your plants, flowers, and shrubs. Not only will you see a reduction in visible weeds; you’ll notice healthier plants. Weeds not only look bad, they hamper growth and vigor of your plants. They also harbor pests and disease.¬†Throughout the program, TruGreen’s team of experienced technicians utilize a combination of timely treatments and frequent onsite inspections to provide good control all year long.¬†

Our Ornamental Bed Weed Control program consist of 7 visits each year. 

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