Lawn Insect & Disease Control

Problems in your lawn? No matter what type of grass you have, your lawn is susceptible to many different insect, disease, or cultural problems. We are trained and ready to identify and treat, if necessary, any issues your lawn may have. We use only the best professional products and use at maximum rates to provide the longest control. Homeowner fungicides usually only last about 7-14 days and then you have to re-treat. The professional fungicides we use normally last about 30 days.

Common Lawn Insect & Disease problems in our area include:

* Large Patch (commonly called Brown Patch)

* Take All Root Rot

* Dollar Spot

* Anthracnose

* Chinch Bugs

* Armyworms

* Sod Webworms

* Spittlebugs

* And several other not-so-common insect and disease problems.

Let us get started by identifying any problems you may have in your lawn. Call our office at 601-582-5296 , click on the “Order Online” button below or “Free Lawn Service Call/Estimate” button below.   

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